Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eighty 8: The Diner of Thornhill

On Saturday, I attended the Toronto Blue Jay Game at Rogers Centre. Following a 7-0 win by the hometown team over the Seattle Mariners, my friends and I headed northward for dinner at Eighty 8 Family Restaurant (2300 John Street, Markham).  

We were welcomed in close to closing time (9:00 P.M.) by a smiling lady who appeared to be a member of this family owned and run establishment.  She sat us down immediatly, yet not rushing us as she handed us the menues. 

We reviewed the menues and came up with our orders.     I ordered anything a simpler family diner would be able to do without issue....

The Order: A hamburger with fries with a glass of ice water. 

Our food came fairly quickly with our server inquiring if we had everything we could possibly want. 

With the toppings on the side of the plate, I topped my burger adding the garnishes provided.  I took a risk and had a bight. Just an average burger taste. Tastes like any other burger at any diner, nothing special here, but nothing wrong either.  The burger tastes like it is right from a box, not specially hand packed or anything. 

The fries were the traditional fries you find at any diner or restaurant around.  Pretty plain but good with a little ketchup. 

Overall, I found the diner to have a great family service with basic diner fare. Nothing special but nothing terrible either.

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