Sunday, April 15, 2012

Honey's Beestro a Hive of Inactivity

>I've been eyeing visiting Honey's Beestro (8763 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill) on a walking hike since last summer.  It looked like from the road a decent neighbourhood pub to visit for some food and enjoy food on the patio while watching the traffic on Bayview Avenue pass by. 

Add to this a recent coupon received in the mail for a buy one entree get one free, and it only sweetened the deal.  

On Saturday my wife and I took the VIVA Purple (running on a detour eastbound to a temporary stop at High Tech Road & Bayview Avenue) and we were practically dropped off at the front door.  Add to this some shopping at Loblaws, Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart and the trip was even more better. 

We arrived shortly after high noon.  Perfect as the time on the door and on their website said they opened at 11 A.M. on Saturdays.  But the flashing neon  "OPEN" sign was dark and the place seemed desserted.  I entered figuring it was a quiet Saturday for them and the door was unlocked.  However, there was not a sole in the place.  No lights were on, my wife noticed around the pool table looked like it was under construction.  It looked like an empty bar at the end of a busy night after all the employees had left and forgot to lock the door.

I checked on the status of the rest of the chain (the day before I had added the Richmond Hill location in anticipation of a review)  to find one of the other restaurant's closed earlier in February 2012 and the company's twitter feed not updated for almost a year.   Seems the whole chain may have dissapeared.  Weird, their website is still up and running looking very inviting to possible clientele.


  1. Strange. I was in that area at night about a week ago and it sure looked open. Maybe the staff just overslept?

  2. Hi Simon,

    It is weird, I spoke to my coworkers on Monday after my Saturday visit, some of them were in the plaza on the Friday before and the place was well attended.

    Perhaps, as you suggest, the workers overslept. But then again perhaps they were so sleepy they even forgot to lock the door. You would also figure some people would visit for a Saturday afternoonish lunch while out shopping at the nearby big box stores (e.g. Loblaws, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Homedepot, etc.)

    But at least I made good use of the temporary VIVA Purple Eastbound stop at Yonge & High Tech (BONUS!)


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