Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heaven at Harvey's

Our Harvey's local restaurant recently was demolished to make room for the Zancor Xpression's Condo Sales Centre and building site.  

However, a couple of months later a new Harvey's (8865 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill) opened up.   We decided a Friday evening dinner would the best time to try it. 

My wife and I had walked past this location a couple of times since it had opened to visit the Shoppers Drug Mart store, LCBO and others in the area.  We knew it was not as large as the previous location at Yonge & Weldrick Road, so there was a distinct possibility we would have to do take out and bring it home.  

We entered the store to be third in line.  But the servers ahead of us seem to be moving quickly and orderly through having their order taken, burgers garnished and their orders double checked for completeness by the friendly staff.

The size of the location itself is an issue with a long length but short width.  The interior designer of this location did not leave a lot of room for the workers serving area and kitchen.  The grill itself is less than two steps from front counter where the burgers are topped.  In a couple of instances I noticed coworkers squeezing past each other to retrieve items for the customers they are serving.  It looks like Harvey's made the best of a modern empty storefront in a regular strip plaza.  The result looks a little awkward not just for the working area, but for the customers as well. 

The customer seating area is inadquate at best.  Sure there are some modern fast food tables but the quantity of tables, especially on a busy night, leaves much to be desired.  It was lucky we arrived early on a Friday night as we were able to snag a table without any issue.

But first, we needed to Order....

The Order: A Original Hamburger combo with Onion Rings and 7 Up and A Original Hamburger Combo with Fries and Dr. Pepper.

As noted above, the staff there were quick and efficient.  They had to be with five staff and one manager working.  Two were working the grill and french fries prep, two garnishing the burgers, one taking orders and the manager keeping everything moving by filling in when needed.  In less than five minutes our order was taken and were seated. 

The only annoying part was the ketchup service area.  There was no dispenser to squirt the requisite ketchup required to fill two paper cups that is perfect for a medium fries at any fast food restaurant. 

(Side note: Why is it that way, why does any medium fries at a McDonald's, Harvey's or Wendy's require two ketchup cups to ensure adequate ketchup is on hand to fully enjoy a set of fries? Who thought of that?)

Instead, the regular ketchup packets are substituted by the Harvey's staff at time of pick-up of food.  Perhaps this is to reduce the overhead and mess of the regular ketchup supply stations that other fast food locations endure.  But usually this issue is mainly over the numer of napkins used per customer, yet at this location, napkins were fully accessible.  Seems a little weird that a brand new Harvey's location would skimp on set up of condiment and napkin stations.  

The burgers themselves were just like any other Harvey's hamurger you would experience with too many different types of toppings that drip out, yet deliciousness in every bite.  The fries were also fairly typical.

The onion rings though, were only satisfactory.  The onion rings are thinner in nature and do not possess the thickness of those found at All Star Wings & Ribs.  All Star's Onion rings are more breadier and tastier than those at Harvey's.  But nonetheless, Harvey's onion rings are satisfactory, but just not great. 

Overall, this Harvey's provides quick and efficient service with the hamburgers Canadians have long enjoyed from this Southern Ontario institution of burgerness.   The layout of the restaurant though may be a concern if you happen to hit a busy time, no worries though, this location also does take-out!

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