Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Starbucks Aurora Works for Me

Last Thursday I was off early to Aurora to attend an Aurora Chamber of Commerce Speed Networking event representing where I work.  I arrived in the area early so I thought I would stop off at a local coffee shop. 

Starbucks (2 Orchard Heights Blvd, Aurora) is an internationally well known coffee chain.  This partcular location is a little different as it is located within the St. Andrews Shopping Plaza which is a pedestrian open air plaza that can only accessed by parking the car in the surrounding parking lot and hoofing it into the interior or around the edge of the plaza building.  This allows the for patios and outdoor walkways to exist.  Too bad St. Andrews removed their water feature and replaced it with ongoing gardens, the water did add to the ambience but I guess the cost of filtering and cleaning the man made stream was prohibitive. 

This particular Starbucks would be great in the summer to enjoy an outdoor patio seating with a coffee in hand.  Too bad I was forced to stay inside by old man winter.  But at least there was free Wi-Fi and the usual great tasting, yet overpriced, coffee that Starbucks is known for.   I only needed a coffee at this juncture of my travels,  I was after all expecting breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce of event, so no need to spoil my appetite.

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