Monday, February 20, 2012

Annalisa Asian Fusion a Fusion of Goodness

This past Wednesday my sister, brother and I headed up to Annalisa Asian Fusion Cuisine & Lounge (15171 Yonge Street, Aurora) for some good Asian food.

We entered Annalisa's one of our favourite places to eat in Aurora as it provides something different than the usual pub or Canadian food many places in the Aurora area serve.    

Annalisa's is a little weird in terms of the number of people it serves.  I have been to this restaurant a number of times at various times of day and differing days of the week to find the place with no more of 2 to 4 tables occupied at time.  Wednesday night was no different as we spied 4 tables occupied while we were quickley, yet courteously, seated and our order was taken.

The Order: Special Pho with a glass of Pepsi. All you can eat Sushi and Pad Thai.

Our food came almost together as the waiter made several trips from the kitchen and the sushi bar.  

I had forgotten how to order Pho as normally at my wife's and my usual Pho place I order it without the tripe, so I ended up with the  tripe and almost gagged a couple of times. But that was my mistake and the not the restaurants.  Otherwise the pho was excellent.

My brother had the never ending supply of sushi.  I'm not really one for sushi, but what was being prepared was well presented and, as my brother kept asking for yet another order sheet, the sushi was excellent. 

My sister had the pad thai and didn't seem to quibble over the taste or portion size.

Overall, Annalisa is a great place for those looking for a variety of Asian foods as well as for those in Aurora looking for something different from the usual pub and fast foods.

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