Sunday, October 16, 2011

Armed With a Burger at King Henry's Arms

Today my wife and I visited King Henry's Arms (9301 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill) for a little lunch.  I was looking to sink my teeth into a quality ground beef burger and McDonald's (also nearby) just simply wouldn't do. 

We arrived at 12:30 P.M. and the place was lively for a Sunday lunch with quite a few patrons waiting for the afternoon NFL Football game to start. 

My wife and I were welcomed by the bartender who said we could sit anywhere we want.  She arrived in two minutes to wipe down the table and drop off the menues. 

We reviewed them and the bartender returned to take our drink and food orders.

The Order: 1 King's Breakfast (Eggs Scrambled with Whole Wheat Toast), 1 Arms Burger with Fries and Pepsi.

The food came within ten minutes of ordering.  The Arms Burger was as expected. Decent pub burger made of ground beef served with golden fries.  The fries were luke warm at best but still potato tasty and not overcooked hard. 

The breakfast that my wife had was mediocre at best.  Sure her plate was full but this is not your big breakfast that you would receive at other places.  Do not visit King Henry's expecting a great breakfast feast, the King's Breakfast is more for those who want a simple breakfast while others have moved onto lunch.  The breakfast food itself could be a little better in quality.  The bacon was rock hard and not very warm it all.  It seemed the bacon had been sitting in a tray by itself waiting to be served to unsuspecting customers.  The homefries were also a little to be desired in the warmth department.  

The service itself on a Sunday can be a little problematic with only the bartender serving customers without the aide of kitchen runner or a waitress on the floor.  The pub needs at least a floor waitress when getting geared up for Sunday afternoon football as I noticed there were at least twenty people at the establishment.  This would perhaps speed the food service up a bit which would reduce the amount of heat lost while the food waits to be served to customers.

It should be noted the washrooms have recently been renovated in the previous six months and have improved over the previous incarnations.  The Men's washroom itself has recently been remodeled with new taps and tiling which leaves it with a fresher look.  But this is a regular pub washroom though with nothing really special in it except the basics.

Overall King Henry's Arms is decent place to have a lunch time meal of a burger and fries as well as other pub fare washed down with a pint.

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