Friday, July 15, 2011

Thought: Not Serving but Helping People

Americans themselves pride themselves on an egalitarian society premised on social mobility, not, as in some other cultures, on a permanent servant class.  I wasn't wild about being someone's servant or being servile, but I do love helping people.  I frequently stop lost tourists in Manhattan to offer them assistance. I open doors and give up bus or subway seats. I've mentored many other writers and enjoyed watching their success. It's gratifying to ease someone's day, certainly when it only takes a few minutes. Life is complicated enough that the simple idea of making someone happy quickly seemed appealing indeed. I'd be very happy to help. - Caitlin Kelly, Malled. 
I wish we all could do the above.  A simple "thanks" and "your welcome" go a long way in society especially accompanied by a smile.

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