Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kelsey's: A Richmond Hill full of Food

Last night my wife and I headed on down to try Kelsey's (8715 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill). 

We were a little worried that being a chain restaurant this location might be a little sketchy in terms of food and service.  However, we were only partly right.

My wife and I were seated quickly as the restaurant was not that busy (it was 5:30 P.M.). 

Our waiter, a young person looking fresh out of high school, strolled by to inquire if we wanted any drinks.  We ordered the drinks and, quickly before he got away, surprised him with our food order as well. 

The Order: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Fries and a Pepsi and a Kelsey's Fish and Chips with a glass of Richmond Hill's finest tap water.

The waiter dashed off to input our order and returned within 10 minutes of our pleasant conversation with our food order along with a refill of my Pepsi.  No problems on the service at this chain restaurant, everything was excellent. 

The food though was not great but was not terrible either.  The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich was definatly brushed with Kelsey's medium chicken wing sauce.  In fact the breaded chicken breast with the lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun was barely noticeable.  The fries were standard pub fries that were of decent temperature. 

The Fish & Chips are supposed to be Rickard's Red beer battered.  However, they arrived at our table looking dry.  Overall the Fish was decent but we could not really taste the beer battering so we wondered if this fish had ever seen the bar alive or cooked.  The fries with this dish were the same as the Buffalo chicken sandwich but were seasoned with something spicy we couldn't figure out what it was. 

Overall the meal was mediocre chain food with decent service.  We are going to give this place another try in the near future as we neither hated or really like this place.   It just needs another go around.

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