Thursday, April 07, 2011

Free Slurpee!

Yes that title is right.  Today I got myself a free Slurpee!   How?  By signing up for their e-mail newsletter.  So here are the details. 

1. Click here to be taken to the sign up spot.

2. Fill in the detials required and click "submit".  Suggestion: For deals, draws and newsletters from companies I suggest having a seperate e-mail address.  That way if they sell the e-mail address or somehow a spammer gets a hold of it all spam will be sent to this account. 

3. will send a confirmation e-mail to your account.  Note: This took about ten minutes to arrive in my account, so be patient!

4. Click on the confirmation link in the supplied e-mail to confirm your e-mail account adress.

5. A confirmation screen at will appear.  Close this window and double check your e-mail. 

6. You should have one coupon for a free 828 ml Slurpee.

7. Print the entire e-mail and take the coupon to your local 7-Eleven and collect your free Slurpee!

Warning! Coupon expires at the end of April 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Michael, but I don't consume anything that is that colorful, lol, I am addicted to good healthy lifestyle, okay sometimes ....

    About the RSS feeds, until I figure out what is going on, you can subscribe to my blogger blog Yes I switched to Wordpress, and still learning, but I continue to maintain the blogger which links to the wp site. Hope this helps, and I will keep you updated once I resolve it, thanks for the heads up.

    Hope the free slurpee was good (what a name?)

    Anna :)


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