Monday, April 04, 2011

All Star Wings & Ribs

On Friday evening my wife and I went out for dinner to All Star Wings & Ribs.  This restaurant had moved from Yonge Street & Elgin Mills Road West to it's current location on Yonge Street in the former East Side Marios Richmond Hill location (10520 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill). 

We arrived around six p.m. and were duly informed that their credit and debit machines were down.  I inquired with the lady at the front if they still accepted cash around these parts. She smiled and said yes and led us to our seats.

We perused the menu for a couple of minutes trying to figure out which wings to eat and what side dish we wanted.   After perusing the menu and deciding the flavours we wanted we had one question: hot many pieces or weight, aproximately, does each amount of wings have?   At All Star Wings & Ribs you order your flavour of chicken wings you need to give the amount of chicken wings you want in "Single," "Double," "30 Wings," "50 wings," and up.  But how many wings are there in a "Single" or "Double".  Turns out there is 10 wings in a single.  So we were ready to order.

The Order: 2 Single orders: 1 Italiano and 1 Honey Honey with onion rings on the side and a Pepsi and Glass of water. 

The wings took about twenty to twenty five minutes to show up.  While waiting we noticed all the televisions were down (i.e. no feed for television) and the place had about ten tables occupied as it was still early. The waitress apologized profusely for some reason for the food taking so long saying it was a crazy day.

When waiting for the food to come I finished my Pepsi and the waitress promised to have it refilled.  She disappeared and didn't bring back the refill for ten minutes.  She later apologized.  But really, there was more than enough waitresses walking around the restaurant looking

The Italiano wings were tasty except in some cases were a little dry at times.  Is this from slight overcooking?  The taste though more than made up for this oversight.  The Honey Honey wings were much more juicier tasting and seemed to have more meat on the bones.  They were also slightly more tangy too. 

When we were finished the waitress came by and inquired if we would like anything else.  We asked for the bill and she dissapeared but quickly returned with the bill.  Apparently the cash registers were down as well as received a handwritten bill in blue pen instead of the usual machine receipt.  It really was a crazy day! We paid the bill and left our waitress a tip. 

Overall the crew at All Star Wings & Ribs did a pretty good job considering most of the technology (i.e. televisions and cash registers) were not working properly, yet the place seemed to running as normal with cheery wait staff and decent food.   We will definately be returning again to see how well they do when everything is back up and running.

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  1. Michael you know what I hate lol lol about posts like that - its 1 am and you made me hungry.

    This post also remindeds me trip to Greece, we tried to pay by credit card in one of the restaurants, the guy said hold on I will be back - he ran across the street to use his friends card reader.

    Anna :)


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