Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What happened at Wendy's?

Today I had a craving for a burger.  Mmmmmm burger, I thought to myself where is a good place?  Hero Burger? McDonald's? Nope, been there done that recently.

I headed to good old Dave's Wendy's (10520 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill) expecting an excellent burger, good fries with a Coke at an excellent price. 

I took the bus up to the location and was surprised the entire parking lot around the Wendy's store was plowed even though we were in the midst of Snowmaggeden! 

I entered to a mostly empty restaurant with only one person ordering at the counter.  The service seemed a little slower than normal, but I chalked it up to it being a slow day at the restaurant.   Eventually this person was served and it was my turn. 

The Order: 1 Single Combo (1 burger, medium fries and medium coke). 

I was suprised at what I got in return.  The order was correct, the size of fries and Coke hadn't changed.  The burger seemed well wrapped, the price was wrong.  $7.44 including taxes for a burger, fries and a coke! 

The single combo is now $5.89 base price and then a surcharge of $0.69 is required to make it a medium combo.  Before, a medium Single combo used to be $5.50ish and included all the medium sized items.  Talk about a price increase.

I've learned recently that old reliable burger fast food places like McDonald's, Wendy's and others are becoming expensive for what you receive.  The only way to get decent value from these places anymore is to use the coupons from the mailbox.  McDonald's normally sends out coupons periodically for a two can dine for $8.98 which allows me to purchase two Big Mac Meals for $10 and change.   What a big difference to what I received today for value for money that Wendy's offerred.

The food itself was satisfactory for a burger place. The fries were just as I remembered them, warm and tasty great with a little ketchup and washed down the with a Coke.  The quantity of the fries was the same as it always was.  Wendy's at least didn't mess around with that.

The single burger on the other hand looked a little sad.  The burger was find but there was one sheet of lettuce with a tomato smushed on top with ketchup, mustard and relish splattered on.  It didn't appear topped the way old Dave would have wanted it.  If I wanted a burger like this I would have gone to an elmentary school BBQ where a 9 year old could have served me.   

Things are starting to decline at least at this Wendy's, the price and burger topping are just the beginning. 

It makes you wonder what happenned at Wendy's since Dave has permanently left the company.  What happenned indeed.

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