Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Last night the local media have been calling for thirty centimetres of snow, blustry winds and cold temperatures.   Snomaggedden! was being proclaimed by The Toronto Star as the storm had Toronto in it's sites.

This morning I awoke to find about ten to fifteen centimetres of snow on my front stoop and driveway.  The only regret I have in the past year is moving from an apartment where the shovelling was done for me.  At least it wasn't as bad as where I used to live in Aurora with my parents.  It would probably take over an hour to clear the driveway instead of half an hour for a quick cleanup with my shovel. 

Snowmaggedden?  Hardly, my wife made it to work without an issue and Yonge Street in Richmond Hill had light traffic but was partially snowcovered.   Was Toronto snowed under and crying "UNCLE?" or calling in the military to shovel our sorry carcasses out?  No sir, except for the Downsview Airforce base, the army was barely seen today. 

My only regret?  We should have booked the cruise for this week so I could have been enjoying this:

instead of close two twenty centimetres of the white stuff.   

You win some,you lose some... - J. Askenberg


  1. Michael, you are funny - you probably be waiting on the airport stranded ... still snowing here in Aurora. Anna :)

  2. oh Anna, not the airport...although I do love being smushed in Fort Lauderdale's small airport as 10,000 people need to be processed through security,

    I would most likely be sipping my overpiced Martini on the boat watching the waves go by and laughing at those in Aurora watch the snow come down while shovelling out their cars for the third time that day.


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