Sunday, July 18, 2010

How a 75 Cent Coupon Turned into Free Detergent & Money in my Pocket

On Saturday my wife and I headed to No Frills with two coupons for $0.75 off Arm & Hammer Detergent in hand from   We cruised the aisles working on our grocery list.  We stopped off at the cleaning aisle at the skid where the Arm & Hammer Detergents were on sale (as per the flyer) for $1.97 a bottle.  We selected the two varieties that matched our coupons and ventured on.

At the cash register the cashier looked over our coupons ten times then looked at the bottles and looked at the coupons again.  She rang them through and put the coupons in.   I watched the prices come up on her computer screen and pointed out one of the Arm & Hammer laundry detergents through at $4.97 a bottle.  The cashier claimed this one wasn't on sale and proceeded to look for her flyer to show me which ones were on sale.

I looked at her quiscially pointing out I got this one off the skid in the middle of the cleaning aisle with a clear price sign of $1.97 a bottle and that I couldn't have mistakenly picked up the wrong one as there were at least five other bottles of the same detergent also on that skid.  

The cashier paged grocery to investigate.  A stock man came by and looked at the detergent in question and dissappeared for two minutes.  While he was gone, the cashier rang through the rest of my groceries. 

The stock man returned and said confirmed the bottle in question was for sale.  I then interupted point out that Scanning Code of Practice, which LCL Companies subscribes too, says I should receive this item for free as it rang in at a  price than the posted price on the shelf.

The cashier looked quizically and then asked for help from the cashier at the next lane over.  She quickly explained the problem to the other cashier and that I had used a coupon as well.  He rang through the refund on the bottle in question, then put in the correct price of $1.97 and then refunded that as well. 

I paid for my purchases and left.  

On exiting from the grocery store I quickly ran through the transactions and noticed not only did I get the bottle of detergent for free, but the cashiers didn't take return the coupon too me or refund the coupon. 

My wife and I really should do some grocery shopping more like this.  On today's visit No Frills paid us to haul away one bottle of Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent.  In future, No Frills, feel free to call me if you need help like this again.

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