Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hero of a Burger at Hero Certified Burgers

Today for lunch my wife and I ventured to Hero Certified Burgers (9625 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill).  We walked in around noon to find the place barren except for the friendly server behind the counter. 
Now normally we skip places that have nobody in them around lunch or dinner time fearing the worst.  However, today seemed different.  Hero Burger doesn't have a patio which may mean regulars to this establishment may be elsewhere on a nice sunshiny day like this.  

My wife and I dove right in and ordered. 

The Order: 2 4 OZ Hero Burger Combo (burger topped your way, plus fries and soft drink). 

The burgers are made to order so that they are freshly made when served.  This is unlike McDonald's where only the big man upstairs knows how long your burger has been sitting in a heating tray. 

We sat down with our soft drinks and waited for our burgers to be ready.  We expected perhaps a ten minute wait but were surprised it was only five. 

The total price of eight dollars and change (including taxes) for a combo may scare off some people, but I thought "this had better be good".  

I was right.  The burger itself was meaty and juicy.  The ingredients were fresh and the hamburger bun felt freshly semi gourmet made.

The fries were fresh cut potato wedges that reminded me of the fries I used to get at "Pivens" when visiting my Grandmother in Huntingdon, Quebec.  Soft, but good, fries.  

The soft drink?  Nothing to write home about.  The usual fountain Coke you would find anywhere.  

Overall, I wouldn't mind visiting Hero Burger as the food was excellent, the service fast and the place looked relatively clean.  A great place for a Saturday afternoon lunch.

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