Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not one Lone Star at the Lone Star Texas Grill

This afternoon my wife, a friend and I visited the Lone Star (9301 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario). We arrived shortly after 1:00 P.M. for lunch and were immediately seated. The hostess, while were on our table asked if we had ever been to a Lonestar before. That is all I could hear as we were moving through the restaurant single file due to how wide the aisle between tables was. Perhaps she should have seated us first, handed us the menus then asked if had been there before and then blathered on about here are the washrooms, etc. and who our waiter is.

Our waiter came by took our drink order and returned quickly. However, after dropping of our drinks he dissappeared for a few moments instead of inquiring if we were ready to order (which we were).

The Order: Southern Po' Boy Sandwich with Fries, Baja Tequila Shrimp with Seasonal Vegetables, Steak Ceaser salad (substitute chicken for steak), coke, water and coffee.

The food, once ordered came fairly quickly (15 minutes max). My Southern Po' Boy Sandwich arrived on a oven baked hero you would find at a Mr. Sub shop (read: no real specialty made bread even had the same bread pan marks as Mr. Sub...Mr. Sub should sue for copyright infringment on their tradmarked (????) it is so obvious) with chicken covered in Jack & Chedder Cheese. From the side of my plate I added diced tomato and guacamole. The only complaint about garnishing my own sandwich was the lettuce leaves were not sliced to sprinkle on the sandwhich. I had to hand shred them to my liking, which seemed a little much. The fries that came with the sandwich were warm but weren't anything to write home about.

My wife had the tequila shrimp which she liked. However, she did point out the "seasonal vegetables" was an uncut piece of broccoli that you could find in the produce section in the local No Frills that at least appeared to be steamed.

The Steak Ceasar salad was o.k. but nothing to write home about. Our friend subsituted chicken for the steak and that was perfectly done by the kitchen.

During the meal our waiter came by and refilled our drinks. His attention to detail was better than at other restaurants where sometimes you have to wave your hand like a banchee trying to get a refill on your overpiced soda.

Overall Lone Star Richmond Hill is a decent place to eat.

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