Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meanwhile Christine....

Growing up as the oldest of three children you make some observations about your sometimes annoying yet lovable siblings.

My brother Peter is the sporting and active one of the family. He was known for playing baseball throughout the summers in Aurora and accross southern Ontario. The entire family used to come along to the baseball games. My father either coaching or enthralled with the baseball game and my mother sipping her coffee cheering on the team.

My sister Christineloves books. She would be at the same baseball game curled up in a lawn chair reading a book. Any indication that Peter was up to bat she would look up from her latest read and yell like any little sister would "Peter! You suck!" Which would get my brother laughing. My sister would return her gaze to whatever she was reading as if nothing happened. She sure does love reading!

In fact she loves to read so much that she wrote a terrific blog entry on it here.

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