Saturday, January 02, 2010

When do you dump a Blogroll Listing?

I'd been watching for months for new content at Subwayblogger and was getting ready to hit the proverbial "delete" button it's listing in my blogroll. I kept asking myself how a blogger with such a good gig (read: a wide and varied readership) would abandon a blog for months on end without leaving even a single note. A single note of "we'll be back in a couple of days/weeks/months so stay tuned" would have sufficed. This would have left me with some hope that new interesting and entertaining posts were coming. But sadly no, not even a note since the end of July. It was like this blogger had been hit, for lack of a better term, by a subway train and was never coming back.

Then finally a note! All but very late, but a note! Apparently there had been something in the blogger's life that needed to be attended to for quite some time with work and their own personal lives.

But Subwayblogger left me with a major question that other bloggers would have come accross, "at what point do you 'delete' a blog from your blogroll for inactivity?"

Personally I was leaning towards four months of inactivity (no new posts) unless there was a note posted to say "we're away and will be right back...". But something about Subwayblogger tweaked a little voice in the back of my brain to say "hold on...he/she will be back...don't delete the listing quite yet." And surely enough Subwayblogger was back.

So this left me in a quandry, again, "when do you delete a blog from the blogroll for inactivity?" I've come to the conclusion that after six months of inactivity a blog can be deleted from my blogroll. Why six months? This provides enough opportunity for a blogger to get their life together or at least post a note to say "we'll be right back". Finally, after six months of inactivity, is there really any reason to continue blogging? It just seems to most readers that the blogger has given up on blogging and moved on with their lives.

Anywho, any input from other bloggers would be most welcomed in the comment section of this post. I'm eager to listen ( what others have to say on this issue.

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