Sunday, January 03, 2010

Aurora United Church has gone...

Aurora United Church has gone paperless on Sundays!

Before Christmas, the church was creating two services worth of bullitans and announcement. This resulted on average of at least two pages per person per week. This translates into over one thousand pieces of paper plus staff time to prepare.

Now for each Sunday Worship Service (at 9:00 & 10:30 A.M.) those attending can view the announcements and order of service on two large screens. The service and announcements is easily created using Microsoft Powerpoint software and moved through via the audio visual booth.

There are issues that are currently being worked out. The first is how does one remember to RSVP to something either via e-mail or phone without the contact information on a paper copy. Hopefully this will be resolved by ensuring the announcements are viewable again on church website at or a limited number of paper copies of the announcements being available in a central location of the church for those interested to pick up.

Another issue is the choir currently cannot see the two screens. The two screens were created when the Sanctuary room of the church went under extensive renovations. Hopefully a large screen television would assist with issue mounted in a convenient location for the choir members to utilize. Until then copies of the powerpoint presentation will be created in order for them to follow along.

Hopefully the church will have these and other issues with going paperless will be resolved. Usually with changes there are a few kinks to worked out. But nonetheless Aurora United Church should be applauded for both ensuring their resources are being used wisely as well as taking a look at how they can do their part in for the environment.

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