Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tennis Elbow and Skiing at Wye Marsh

On Saturday January 16th I headed out with my parents, sister, brother and other "hagers on" to Wye Marsh in order to Cross Country Ski. I have been to Wye Marsh in the past to Cross Country Ski so this time I felt like a professional!

Of course while Cross Country Skiing one runs into hills and the like. Alice Xu, my brother's wife, was the first time on cross country skiis and eventually mastered a hill! CONGRAT'S ALICE!

Then of course there is the obligatory feeding of the Chickadees. Obligatory? Have you ever had a miffed Chickadee chirp at you for seed?

I came home and the only soreness I experienced was in my legs for a little bit here and there.

Then on Monday, at work, I experienced some pain in my elbow and a little in my wrist. I had experienced this similar pain the week before at work and thought I just needed to rest my wrist and elbow.

So I headed to the local walk in clinic where I was diagnosed with "Tennis Elbow". Weirdly I spent all day Saturday Cross Country Skiing at Wye Marsh and didn't feel any pain but a little bit into the morning on the office computer and my wrist and elbow were feeling it.
Next I booked an appointment at the Aurora Physio Therapy clinic. After some Ultrasound Therapy, Massage and Eletromagnetism my right arm felt better than the left one.

The only pain I have felt since then was on Friday on the office computer when I didn't wear my brand spanking new elbow brace for an hour. Hopefully after this coming week I can give up the elbow brace for good and return to normal.

The best part of it all is according to the Physiotherapist I have a mild form of "Tennis Elbow" compared to others she had seen in the past. She believes I shouldn't need any further treatment after this coming week.

Weird, a full day workout on the ski trails and no pain but a little mouse clicking on a Monday and there is pain. GO FIGURE!

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