Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Memories courtesy of Cyberspace

One of the Blog's I read on an occasional basis is Jack's blog. I just happenned to peruse the blog and, for whatever reason, took interest in his "Live Traffic Feed" (see his extensive right hand column). "Live Traffic Feed" records where the last 10 hits came from in the world to that particular page. I always find these feeds interesting as it shows from where in the world people come from to visit you or the page your looking at.

On this particular evening I took interest in his first three entries from Jack's Live Traffic Feed (Bold letters below are my emphasis):

Aurora, Ontario arrived from on "Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?: A Transition- Call it a Blog's Midlife Crisis"

Buffalo, New York arrived from on "Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?: What Do You Call Your Blog?"

Brooklyn, New York arrived from on "Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?"

Now these three entries are pretty special places in my life. Back in 2004-2005 I left my hometown of Aurora (the first entry) to teach in New York City. Twice during this time period I would leave Aurora and head to Buffalo (the second entry) to fly out of Buffalo Airport to fly back to New York City after a little holiday with the family.

But number one of all of these places will be Aurora. This is where I grew up, got married in and currently reside.

New York City was where I found my future wife. I met her as a fellow teacher trying to make sense of the New York City Department of Education. To say the least I still have yet to find anyone who understands the Department of Education in that City with it's huge bureaucracy and several ways of doing things all of which someone somewhere will tell you are doing it wrong. Nevermind the a teacher's worst nightmare, the kids are out of control and virtually run the classroom! But nonetheless I did meet my future love of my life. There truly is something good to find amongst the chaos sometimes.

Buffalo is where the travel began between Aurora and New York City. The go between place where I grew up and the place where I met my wife. Buffalo in my life is like the bond between two items that never can be separated. Buffalo could also be considered part of the great distance between Aurora and New York where I switched from ground (car) to air (plane) transportation on my journey from Aurora to New York.

So these three entries on Jack's blog do provide a lot of gladness to me and many, many memories.


  1. I am glad that you got something out of your visit. Sometimes the blogosphere makes the world seem much smaller.

  2. Jack: I almost always get something out of my visit to your blog.

    I love the random weird observations you make on your blog like you have with your children growing up. It makes me both laugh and think about life.

    Keep up the good writing.


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