Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Dream

This past Friday saw the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Run come through Aurora. The following in random order are the thoughts I had as the Olympic Torch moved through the area:

1. I thought this was a torch "run" not a torch "drive", so why is it necessary for the Olympic Torch to be driven from the Ontario Science Centre to Bayview Avenue & Wellington Street in Aurora? Is there not some more central road to Toronto and Aurora areas that would have been better? Hmmm...perhaps YONGE STREET would have been perfect from Downtown Toronto north to Aurora and Newmarket? Couldn't this entire route have been run?

2. Why would you have a day celebration of the torch in a suberb like Aurora and Nemarket? Couldn't the Olympic Torch have started in Downtown Toronto, after the city's previous nightime celebration, and run up to Aurora or Newmarket for an evening shared celebration at Fairy Lake or Aurora's Machell Park (Note: Machell Park held Aurora's evening celebration when the Olympic Flame went through Aurora leading up to the Calgary 1988 Olympics).
This would have provided an opportunity for those of us who work (and mostly come from the suburbs) to attend an event that most people only see once in a lifetime.

3. A big thumbs up to the CTV techno geeks for rigging a web cam onto the media vehicle to provide those of us who work for a living (read: Work from 9 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday) to observe the Torch go through the area after some moron beleived everyone could take a day off of work to visit the torch in the suburbs of Toronto with a 9:53 start from Bayview & Wellington in Aurora. The CTV Olympic Torch website has a Google Map with a the current torch location on it, an amusing Facebook comment feed (Read: Who really cares if you are going to see the Olympic Torch in Arm Pitt, Alberta, Canada) and best of all a web cam of the torch runners or torch convoy as it moves from city to city. Find the page here.

4. Finally, today I clicked on the CTV Olympic Torch page to find feisty 88 year old Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion carrying the torch. She is probably one of the oldest torch bearers if not the oldest then most defeniately the oldest torch bearer still employed!

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