Saturday, April 14, 2007

Belinda Stronach Gone from Politics?

Belinda Stronach officially announced this past week she will not run as the Liberal candidate in the riding of Newmarket-Aurora.

Ms. Stronach has had quite the political career in such a short time. This political career included:

1. Running for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

2. Crossing the floor of the House of Commons from the Conservatives to the governing Liberals. She even managed to assume a cabinet position which only angered some long serving Liberals who resided on the back benches of the government. Why did she become a Liberal?

3. Her recent notice of quitting politics has some critics wondering if Belinda is choosing to leave because she doesn’t see a possibility of winning the next election with Stephane Dion as leader of the Liberals.

The feeling in the riding of Newmarket-Aurora, where I reside, is quite wide ranging.

Some people wish her well in her new job as Vice-President of Magna International. Magna is one of the major employers in the riding and people feel with her at the helm and the possibility of Magna purchasing Chrysler, Magna is going to grow even more. So they see her not running for re-election is a positive thing because she will be doing more in her new position with Magna.

Others wish Belinda good riddance! These people point out Belinda ran and was elected as a Conservative and then crossed the floor to the Liberals without holding an election. These people continue to point out she basically backstabbed the voters of the riding. So these people are particularly happy because they are finally getting rid of her from Canadian politics.

Her leaving politics only further convinces me that her attention span continues to be short and need to be periodically in the news headlines is still there. Need prior proof of this? Click here for a prior posting on this idea.

Whats to come for Belinda Stronach at Magna? Is the sale of Chrysler to Magna mean she will head up the new project on behalf of her father?

The interesting thing would be if she does become the new head of Chrysler. The question everyone is asking is if Chrysler is headed by Belinda, will it rise again to success or fail? Who knows, only time will tell.

What we do know is that the name “Belinda Stronach” will continue to be in the media and her attention will shift, yet again, to other endeavors in either a professional or charitable fashion.

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