Saturday, April 14, 2007

An Afternoon in Newmarket

This afternoon I headed north from Aurora to Newmarket to investigate the downtown of Newmarket and the town's Fairy Lake Park.

Here is what I saw:

Looking northards up Main Street from Water Street at downtown Newmarket.

Another look up Main Street.

The old Post Office on Main Street.

Trinity United Church

A look at the Holland River in Fairy Lake Park just above the Dam at Water Street.

Fairy Lake Park looking Southward.

A Look at the Holland River within Fairy Lake Park.

The boardwalk over the marshy area along the east side of the Holland River at Fairy Lake.

Although the weather was overcast this afternoon, I still managed to find the hike to be pretty good. There were lots of people out with their dogs for an afternoon walk. Also the ducks and geese seem to be back from the south trying to find nesting spots all along the Holland River that flows through Fairy Lake Park.

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