Sunday, March 04, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I was notified that there were all sorts of discounts for teachers in Ontario.

Not knowing about these discounts I was a little stunned. I was pointed to the Ontario College of Teachers website where there is a link to a list of discounts to a variety of places.

I may not currently in the teaching profession, but I have kept my membership active with the Ontario College of Teachers in case I want to return to the teaching profession as well as having something that looks good on a resume and a tax write off (membership to a professional organization).

Did I ever expect to get free stuff from this membership? No siree. This is just an added bonus!

Why would atractions like the ROM and the Hockey Hall of Fame offer free admission to teachers?

Perhaps it is to encourage teachers to study what these attractions have to offer and then bring back thirty of their little buddies during a school day. Thirty plus admissions during a weekday when business is usually slow only makes economic and marketing sense.

To that I say, thanks! Because there will be lots of free fun to be had by me!

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