Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chapter 18: Union Station

In case you are wonderin' what is going on with this here.

Dora De Pedery-Hunt

recognize the name?

Probably not. However, she is an unsung hero in Canada currently.

Sure Dora has a Order of Canada to her name, but how many people know Dora by name?

Yet she is really important to all Canadians from coast to coast. In fact, if you are in Canada, you are probably not very far from one or more of this artist's works.

Dora is the artist behind Queen Elizabeth's portait on the back of most Canadian currency. Yet, most Canadians don't know who did that work. Dora is who did that work.

I learned this little tidbit of Canadian history by reading chapter 18 of Union Station.

After reading the story of Dora, I got to thinking who the local unsung heros of Aurora are. Sure Aurora has cliamed Lester B. Pearson as one of their own, but who are the unsung heros of Aurora who affect day to day life in Aurora?

Aurora prides itself on the work of the many volunteer organizations in town. The local ball association is run by volunteers, so are the local churchs and other community organizations. Perhaps these are the unsung heros of Aurora?

What about the police officers, paramedics, firefighters and other emergency workers? Are these not unsung heros as well?

Are politicians unsung heros for stepping forward to spend so much time to ensure our community is properly managed?

So who are the unsung heros? I believe I may have answered this question with a few other questions.

So who are the unsung heros in your community?

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