Monday, July 10, 2006

Lost in History? - Tesla's theories remain current

Sometimes a people get lost over time. Nikola Tesla is one of those people whose name has gotten lost in time over the past one hundred and fifty years. Before you go and click on the link above about who Tesla is and what he invented, consider these hints:

1. J.P. Morgan (yes the same banker who helped to launch the J.P. Morgan bank that eventually merged with Chase financial to form J.P. Morgan Chase bank in the United States) and George Westinghouse (the founder of the Westinghouse appliance company) both thought Tesla's invention would change the future.

2. Niagara Falls would not be the same today without Tesla.

3. Thomas Edison was a competitor to Tesla, but eventually Tesla's invention won out over Tesla.

4. Unless your Amish, you use Tesla's invention everyday one way or another.

Any guesses?

Click here to find out via today's Toronto Star article for a full history on Tesla and his invention that changed the world.

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