Saturday, July 22, 2006

2nd Blogiversary!

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So I missed my Blog's birthday (or is it anniversary?). July 20th 2004 I started what you are reading as an experiment.

I initially wanted it to allow friends and family in Aurora and other places to be able to keep up with me while I was teaching in New York City.

Then I added, when I felt like it, opinion pieces on events of the day both local and international. Some of these opinion pieces even were shared with "The Art of the Rant" (Bill Arend's Blog) where I am also a contributing editor.

Lately the blog has changed again, as I have now been back in Aurora for almost a year. It continues to document the happenings in my life but the New Yorkness has left simply because I don't live there anymore.

The opinion pieces do contain New York issues as I continue to read their online media. Opinion pieces tend to bubble up within me as I think about things going on around me. Hence, they tend to be either local or Canadian in nature. The opinions I have also can be found at The Art of Rant as well.

Pictures? Where are the pictures? The pictures I have taken will continue to be posted on the blog as I wander around the world. I am always continously uploading my picture collection to my main website (see scrapbook section) as I go on.

The main website is almost done receiving a complete overhaul (which has taken over a year to reformat all the content into new font and layout).

So to the blog, you will continue on your evolution of wherever I want to take to. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!

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