Monday, May 22, 2006

Going to Toronto for Fireworks

Yesterday I took the bus and subway down to Toronto to see the fireworks. I figured if I took my umbrella with me to downtown Toronto I could slowly walk King Street out towards the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds and Ontario Place for a 9:30 P.M. start to a fireworks display.

I brought my camera, as I left early in the afternoon, to take pictures throughout my travels. The CN Tower provided several good picture taking opportunities as it ducked in and out of view amongst the buildings along King Street as I made my way westward along King Street.

Roy Thompson Hall, on my way north on Simcoe Street from Union Station towards King Street, also made an appearance. But perhaps, and to my great joy, is this picture which is my favourite of the day where things just happenned to fall into place:

CN Tower & Roy Thompson Hall

I continued along King Street westward watching the stores, theatres and CN Tower flash by. I walked down King Street to Strachan Avenue. At Strachan, I headed south, over the railway tracks, to the waterfront and Lake Ontario. I was not very far from Ontario Place now. But the problem was it was only 5ish and I had dinner at Harvey's at Union Station already so wasting time by having dinner was simply not an option.

So I headed down the Martin Goodman Trail past Ontario Place in search of the wind turbine. I crossed Lakeshore Boulevard into the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds looking for the turbine (which is really not that hard to look for). I actually got to stand at the base of the big turbine.

It then started to rain and get even windier than normal. I headed over towards the Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment's construction of a new soccer stadium construction site. I took a few pictures here as well.

With the wind howling away and the rain starting to come down I shivered and thought that perhaps coming down to see the fireworks at Ontario Place was a mistake. I then hopped on a streetcar and returned to Union Station. I then returned home and curled up and watched some television until I dosed off.

Not a bad day after all, but the weather made it miserable to be out last night!

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