Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dirty Jobs!

I was watching television tonight and came accross "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe". He was hanging out at a Ostrich farm learning everything there is about ostriches. Ostrich farming is a very dirty job. Not only do you have to feed the Ostriches some dry food, you have to clean out the Ostrich vomit infested drinking water. One question I came across was "Why do Ostriches vomit in their own drinking water?" I can't figure out that one.

Another edition saw Mike take to New York City in order to get rid of pigeon poo at a local building and gum on city streets.

I find watching and learning what others do for a employment. Thats why I used to find CBC Television's "It's a Living" until it was cancelled. This particular show still appears from time to time in reruns on CBC affiliated stations and networks. Too bad this show never made it. But then again it might have been a victim of CBC budget cutbacks over the years. Seems funny to me that Canada's public broadcaster can afford to show "Frasier" in reruns but can't afford to keep "It's a Living" going with new episodes. Apparently it is far easier to get Americna syndicated programming than it is to send a reporter out with a camera crew to follow someone around on their job. You would figure hiring a camera crew and reporter would be cheaper than purchasing reruns of a big name American comedy series. But go figure, this is the CBC!

But at least Mike Rowe of Discovery Television, keep up the good, er...dirty work!

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