Saturday, February 11, 2006

Toronto Rock

Toronto Rock

Last night a friend of mine and myself headed off to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto to see the Toronto Rock take on the Rochester Knighthawks in a lacrosse game.

This was my first ever professional lacrosse game that I got to see as a spectator. It was, unbeilievably, the first time I had been inside the Air Canada Centre.

I had a very good time! The lacrosse game was action all the time going on. Even during the breaks in the game (e.g. intermisssions, etc.) there was usually something going on. This included the usual female dancers (the Molson Hotrocks) that seems to become a standard nowadays in professional sports trying to gain fans. Free t-shirts and pizza slices were being given out. Also, kids got involved with the best dances. The usual kiss cam also made an appearance.

The play was fast passed around the nets as shots were made left, right and centre. The only complaint I have was there was way to much scoring. 21 goals were scored combined between the two teams in this game (including one in overtime). This is almost like basketball, it seems way to easy to score despite the smaller net compared to lacrosse's cousin, ice hockey.

Would I go again? you bet! It was fun to see the action.

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