Monday, February 13, 2006

Mental Notes

Sometimes I make mental notes of things I want to learn and never repeat in the future. Sometimes it comes from mistakes by myself, sometimes it is based on mistakes done by others. Here is what I learned today (all mistakes by others):

1. Muddy shoes should never be put up on bus seats. The VIVA Purple route usually has buses with quite a few seats that seem to be muddy. Usually these mud patches ont he seats are caused by unmannerly York University students commuting too or from school. Twice this past week I have had to give up a section of my newspaper too someone wishing to sit down but couldn't because there was mud on the seat. Being the gentlemen that I am, I don't mind much giving up the local grocery store advertisement for this purpose. But come on people, these seats are for sitting your tuchus on, not your dirty boots!

2. The two white lines at the intersection might be there for something. You think? Drivers are forever parking over the clearly marked areas where pedestrians walk while the driver waits for the red light to change to green or try and make a right hand turn. Numerous pedestrians are have been hit because of stupidity of drivers. I have complained about this before (somewhere or sometime), but it never seems to end. I guess drivers are too busy with their cell phones, car radios, screaming kids, trying to make that right turn, etc. to pay attention to the rules of the road. If you can't handle this simple rule of the road (i.e. yielding to pedestrians at intersections) than I have one easy rule for you: A YRT or VIVA bus pass only costs $120.00 a month! But while riding see mental note number one above.

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