Monday, January 23, 2006

2006 Blooker Prize

Blogger Buzz: 2006 Blooker Prize

A new thing from is the Blooker Prize. The Blooker Prize is books created from content on websites and/or blogs.

An interesting concept if you think about it. I could, for example, take my written creations and make them into book form for people to read. Would a major publisher make the book? Probably not.

That is the ingenuity of At you submit your manuscript for your publication and only publishes the books that people order. So if you sell one copy of your book, only prints and ships that one copy. If you sell more that is ok too as only prints and ships the number of copies you sell.

So the blooker prize is a great opportunity to recognize the next generation of writers who may just have their own websites or blogs.

I will admit some admiration to the owner of this company, Bob Young, as he is my uncle. So I have declared the conflict of interest. Nonetheless, I congratulate for a great idea!

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