Wednesday, August 17, 2005


No this is not an ode to the Beatles. "Ba dump bump chink!"

I went out yesterday to visit my grandfather and his companion. Both were happy to see me. I realized yesterday that I hadn't seen these fine people for almost a year between me going to New York City and them going to Florida for the winter.

We chatted about everything from how I was doing in New York City to what to expect in the fall. It was nice to sit down at my grandfather's place and laugh at humour and catch up on what each of us has been doing.

I admire my grandfather in many ways. Probably the most admiring aspect is the fact he is over the age of 80 and:

- has more social engagements than you can even think of.

- drives south to Florida every winter.

- still mows the lawn and washes his own cars (perhaps I am admiring his fitness even in senior years).

Perhaps I enjoy how young my grandfather seems to be even in his senior years. He is quite a remarkable man!

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