Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Westjet is angering me.

West jet no longer serves any New York City airport! ARGH! Now I have to pay more than three hundred dollars for a round trip ticket from New York to Toronto. When WestJet and former airline JetsGo were in New York City fares were cheap and it would cost me just less than two hundred dollars round trip.

I guess since JetsGo is no longer in business that WestJet figures New York City is no longer worth serving. Now I am stuck looking for another airline.

Continental, after checking, it would cost me, including fees, $350 dollars American dollars including taxes. Whats up with that?

Ah well, maybe JetBlue will go to Toronto soon from JFK airport. One can only hope. To give you an idea of the difference. Round trip from Buffalo to New York's JFK is 190.40 US dollars including taxes.


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  1. Interesting...someone actually got back to me! Love it!

    Thanks for the response. I just found it dissapointing there were no longer any discount airlines running from Toronto to New York City.


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