Thursday, August 11, 2005

Feelin' Irish in Union Square - Events

Last night I just wanted to get out and enjoy New York City. I noticed on a free event listing website that there were events at both Union Square (14th Street and Broadway) as well as Madison Square Park (23rd Street and Broadway).

So off I went, with Toni Morrison's book Paradise in tow. I admit it though, I have been having trouble getting through Morrison's book. Why? I am not sure. But I have sixty pages left of the book.

I stopped off at Union Square first after taking the "B" train in from Brooklyn and walking up from West 4th Street Station (where the "B" "F" "A" and "C" lines connect together in case your wonderin').

I stopped off to see a half hour of the Irish dancing show at Union Square. Pretty good with traditional Irish dancing, tap dancing and even some interesting ballet/tap dancing where the women go up on the toes of their tap shoes at points. Really cool to watch.

After that I decided to walk up to 23rd and Broadway to Madison Square Park. I saw some jazz for about 15 minutes. Following that I continued up Broadway to 45th streetish area (in Times Square) and picked up a chocolate shake from McDonald's.

From there I took the "Q" train back home from the 42nd street station. A nice evening out and even got to read some of my book on the train ride to and from the parks. Very relaxing evening and cheap too!

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