Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I Live in My Head and Sleep in my Bed

Interesting little ways people see me as a person are nice to investigate sometimes. The appreciation people have for me are shown in various ways.

My sister, whose blog I got the idea from, loves my cheap sense of humour. My sense of humour, if one needed a label, would be "Muppet humour". I love the Muppets because of the easy play on words they are constantly using. I guess this may be where she gets the "Mikeyness" this week. Kind of a play on words using my name.

Others see me as a hardworking and caring person. At the church I used to work hard to make sure every place was clean and polished for the groups that used the building. I was also hardworking at every aspect of my life from school to scouting. Even with my latest principal (the new one) I heard that "you sound like a hardworking guy..." Perhaps this is more of the Mikeyness.

As far as caring, I have heard it from various people, including those mentioned above, how I look out for other people. If somebody needs something I usually try and figure out how to get the thing in the quickest and most efficently. Even better is when I already anticipate what someone might require and have it waiting way before they even get there. Perhaps this is also a Mikeyness.

"Mikeyness" I guess is what I exude at all times. Perhaps that is why I am called "Mikey".

"Who would have thunk it?" -Christine (my sister)

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