Monday, June 20, 2005

Who do you trust?

Here is my conundrum:

City of New York says I need to take three tests and seven courses over the two years. With them I figure I might as well throw in the towel teaching in New York City because of all the courses as well as the tests would mean I wouldn't sleep during my time over two years.

But I get in the mail a listing from New York State saying all I need is one course. The course the State checked off, the city didn't even include in their list of courses saying I am required to take. The state also said I needed the three tests. So if I go by what the State says, I think I might stay in New York City if everything goes right.

So whose right, the city or the state? That is the confusing question.

Thank goodness for Ontario where the Ontario College of Teachers only deems who is a certified teacher and who is not.

So my task on Wednesday, go figure out who is right the City or the State?

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  1. I was told by the New York City Department of Education liscensing office that I should follow the State's recommendations as that is who certifies teachers.

    So...why have a city liscensing office in the first place? Can't the principals check to see if teachers are liscensed or not by the state? What a waste o' money.


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