Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rick Mercer's Blog

Rick Mercer's Blog

Just when you thought blogging couldn't get any better, Rick Mercer has started his own blog this week. Rick Mercer, in case your mind is a little foggy, is a Canadian comedic actor who made his name big (at least in Canada) from appearing on "This Hour has 22 Minutes" and, more recently "Monday Report."

His blog is quite the interesting read I must say. Mercer, perhaps trying to get a lift for the blog as well as his show, "Monday Report", announced that his show will be moved to Tuesdays.

The CBC's braintrust (aka the faithful leaders around the boardroom table) decided to move his show to Tuesdays? What are they thinking. Mercer points out that his show is "Monday Report" for a reason, because it happens on Monday nights. Add to this the fact that Mercer's "Monday Report" is the highest rated comedy on Monday nights, then you have to wonder "what were the CBC execs thinking?"

Anyway, enjoy his blog.

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