Friday, June 03, 2005

Welcome to Sheepshead Bay High School....

Sheepshead Bay High School

So I went into a job interview at Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn not expecting much. Why? Cause heck after all I have been throught this year I figured I shouldn't expect much.

Well, I talked to the Assistant Principal for English for about ten to twenty minutes. Next thing I know he is praising me by saying it sounds like you are a hardworking and friendly person. I thought to myself...ok...this is different. Then he said how would you like a tour of the school? He showed me classrooms and everything else he could think of.

Then he brought me down to the Assistant Principal of Operations/Organization (or something like that) and said welcome to Sheepshead Bay High School for September. Is there anything you are missing from downtown? I replied not that I know of.

So I went into the job interview expecting nothing and got something out of it! I am eagerly looking forward to next year.

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  1. Holy Crap howcome I don't get interviews like that.


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