Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Walk in Central Park...

I went for a short afternoon walk through Central Park. Here is what I saw along the way:

The Pond in Central Park looking southward from the Gapstow Bridge.

The Pond looking southward from Gapstow Bridge. The green roofed building is the Plaza Hotel.

The Friedssam Memorial Carousel. Moved to Central Park in 1951. THe Carousel is the second oldest carousel located on the East coast in North America.

A look at the carousel's horses.

Sheep Meadow looking North-Westward.

The Mall (a.ka. Literary Walk) through the middle of Central park shaded by the largest collection of American elms in North America. You may recognize this scene from movies.

The Bethesda Fountain. Also seen on many movies.

A close look at the Bethesda Fountain.

A reverse look at the Bethesda fountain (facing south).

"The Lake" from behind the Bethesda Fountain facing North-Westward.

A look at "Cherry Hill". Formerly a water fountain for horses.

A look at "The Lake" from Cherry Hill. Looking North-West.

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