Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Shakira at Virgin Records in Times Square

Went with my roomate to Penn Station today so she could take the Long Island Railroad train then I went for a walk. I decided to go up 7th Avenue to Times Square. Why? I am not sure as I thought I might cruise over to 6th Avenue and walk that street since I hadn't really been on 6th.
Anyway, there was a crowd on both sides of the street at Virgin Records and I thought "hey why not check this out". All I could see, after waiting 45 minutes was a crowd swarming the van and two five second views of Shakira's face outside the van and in front of the store. Everytime I tried to take her picture from my vantage point, the crowd swarmed her with their cameras. So the pictures I do have aren't worth putting up here.

It was fun to be part of a Times Square event. I am glad I went for a wanderance. You never know what your gonna find when you just wander around the "World's Capital", New York City.

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  1. post them anyhow, we are curious?

    or at least I am...


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