Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Welcome to Target....

So I walked to Target this afternoon on a nice eighteen degree sunshiny day in New York City. It was a great walk.

Cindy was looking for a new Bruce Springsteen CD and a new book for her trip tonight to Baltimore. I was looking for a simple power bar (you know the ones with six outlets that solves your too many plugs not enough outlets fiasco).

We took our time in the electronics section eying books, CDs and DVDs as well as pondered the seasonal section for a cheap plastic table (which by the way Target doesn't seem to have at this store).

We then headed downstairs to the check-outs. There was maybe six cashiers open for about 60-80 people with loaded carts and arms. Cindy said forget it and head back to electronics where they have a cash. One Target employee was just vacating the cash area and zipped off before we could speak. We stood there for two minutes then left downstairs to re-check the cash situation. Same thing as before.

We looked at each other and said forget, balanced our items next to a Target employee staring at the cash line ups and walked out the door.

Moral of the story, Target needs to get more cashiers on staff. There are at least 25 registers and a bunch of people on the floor that need to be trained to do both floor and cash so that the store can operate a little more efficently during unexpected busier times.

Just to let Target know, in case they are reading this, you lost at least thirty to forty dollars in sales because of the lack of cashiers. Cindy and I hope your happy.


  1. Actually, they lost far more than $30-40. Considering your lifetime value as a customer, it was easily many times that amount since you're unlikely to go back the next time you need to get a plastic outdoor table. Plus, you posted this on your blog and it was linked to by Robert Scoble, so the extended impact of your bad Target experience is probably in the realm of several thousand dollars.

    Nevertheless, I like Target. It'd just be better if the in-store experience matched the hip ads.

  2. I have actually returned to Target. I usually stop at Target because it is an easy adventure in New York City and convenient in a shopping center to other stores I frequent.

    However, that day my roomate and I were a little dissapointed since the cashiers were lined up so much. Usually at this particular Target store we can usually be the third customer in line. That day we were going to be like the ninth or tenth in line with like two or three items. The Express cashs? They are usually lined up pretty much everytime we go there and it is easier to use one of the regular cashes for a shorter wait.


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