Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rules for going up or down the stairs . . .

Rules for going up or down the stairs . . . - Elijah Bruce's Blog: A Diary of a Madman and his pet grasshopper Larry - Lulu.com

Surfing aimlessly again on the internet. Great past time I picked up from university. I merely typed in my uncle's name, came accross his blog, then shortened the blog title to come up with some recent blog entries from other writers.

I totally connect with the above writer about the intricacies of the New York City Subway. Being a person who used to ride the TTC Subway system off and on during rush hours here are some amusing comparison's I have found:

TTC (Toronto): On the escalators at the stations people stand right and walk left. Pretty simple concept.

MTA (New York City): If the escaltors are wide enough to fit two across people mostly stand wherever they want to. Heck with being in a hurry and walking up or down escalators. Forget it! Unless your brave enough and push past someone or a group of some people.

TTC: Train doors open at the station. People get off the train first. People waiting to board clear a path by standing next to the doorway.

MTA: People either stand like a wall in front of the doors of the train as soon as they open. These same people may even try pushing their way on before you even try getting off the train. HELLO!

TTC: fare tokens that can be confused in a pocket of change for dimes or a untransferrable monthly pass.

MTA: A Metrocard that is easily kept in with all your other cards (e.g. Mastercard, Air Miles Card, Key Food Club Card, Drivers Liscence, small animal liscense, the liscence for your other liscence, etc.). Easily transferrable if you have a monthly, weekly, or more than one fare card.

TTC: Two real subway lines and two other lines that are pretenders.

MTA: Too many subway lines to count that will take you everywhere you want except Jersey. Jersey? That would be why the PATH train exists.

TTC: Easily walk up the stairs/escalator designated for up and down for those wishing to go down. If no designation for the stairs, keep right then for your direction.

MTA: MTA might say: "Pick the staircase you want to go up even if the indication of up or down isn't in your favour. Cause heck we just post these "up" or "down" signs for our amusement and cause we had the money."

Just some musings about transit system in New York City that anyone either adores, loves, hates or both.

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