Saturday, April 02, 2005

Update on the slowest response to a 311 call probably on record.

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So an update to the sidewalk incident that I called New York City 311 (the phone number for all city services) from back in December 2004. This past week I noticed that the sidewalk, located outside Brooklyn's Borough Hall next to the Supreme Court and Columbus Park on Joralemon Street in Downtown Brooklyn, had been patched with pavement. About time!

Apparently the eyesore had finally gotten to the workers in order to have it patched. It is a wonder with all the highpriced lawyers, judges and politicians to cross this section of sidewalk on the way to work at the Borough Hall, Court House and, not to mention, the Borough Hall Subway station (a major station that has at least 5 subway lines that runs through it) that this would have been fixed much sooner.

But apparently my phone call, if it resulted in anything, took about four months to produce results. But what can one do when it takes over four months to produce results? Believe in "Better late than never." As well as "I hope the city didn't get sued and cost taxpayers millions of dollars because of some incompetant bureaucrat couldn't send out two guys and a dump druck to patch the holes."

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