Saturday, April 02, 2005

Channel View Rooms Get A Facelift

Channel View Rooms Get A Facelift

Forgot to mention, mainly because the local newspaper near my school only has the stories for free on their website two weeks after initial publication, that my school has been in the paper numerous times. Some good and some bad.

The above is just one example of the many good things going on at Channel View School for Research (my school).

Search in the archive section under the school's name for more news and pictures of students and staff that I work with on a daily basis.


  1. wall painting is a cool idea, however I wouldn't do it at home.

    In the first picture though there is a sign on the door that says Holding area. What is a holding area?

  2. A "holding area" is for those that cannot make it out of the building during a fire emergency. Usually this is because they are unable to use the stairs. So this room is identified, by the red and white sign, and people gather here. This room also has a large hinged window that a fire fighter's cherry picker like vehicle can evacuate people from there.

    Actually quite an ingeneous idea if you think about it.


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