Tuesday, April 26, 2005


"Jetsgo intends to keep its stakeholders, including its employees and customers, informed of the development of its restructuring process. Information and Court filed documents regarding the CCAA proceedings will be available on Jetsgo's website at www.jetsgo.net...and will regularly be updated." – Jetsgo website.

So that is the above statement released on March 11, 2005 on the old JetsGo website. JetsGo, the failed discount airline that had many hidden mechanical problem that even Ottawa refused to let the public know about (CTV News report), had promised to keep their shareholders informed of the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings for the airline.

Well it is now April 26, 2005 and not an update can be found since the initial promise to keep shareholders updated on their March 11th notice to all shareholders and passengers that the airline would be grounded until further notice. Where is the notice to shareholders about the process? Apparently not just Ottawa can cover-up what is going on in the airline industry from interested parties. JetsGo is totally hiding the shareholders in the dark by not posting promised notices on their old website on a frequent basis.

Rumours have rumbled about the possibility of Jetsgo returning ti to the skies under the old name or under a new name. Would I fly under JetsGo's name again? Never, not after being delayed August 8th, 2004 for more than an hour because of a broken fuel indicator showing a fuel imbalance on their ancient planes. This nightmare continued on when JetsGo tried to replace the part, then shut down the aircraft to restart it so the new part could come online. Figured everything would be good right? Nope the new part didn't work. So JesGo had to unload all the passengers so they could manually refuel the plane. Thus a nightmare of a flight from Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport to Newark's Liberty Airport had been fun. To say the least there was bursts of applause once JetsGo finally landed in Newark, New Jersey. Other passengers horror stories about poor service can be found by simply Googling Jetsgo.

Ottawa, meanwhile, continues to keep the passengers in the dark about JetsGo's, and other airlines', safety records. As a possible customer, Ottawa should be providing information on safety concerns to all as these may cause either delays to the flights or highlight possible customer service issues that airlines have either ignored and let worsen. However, Ottawa may also be able to show that certain airlines, after hearing about safety issues from the feds, are more than willing to go in and solve the problem as quickly as possible. Will Ottawa be more forthcoming with this information? I doubt it.

Why is this? Let me just use this one line: "what else is new in Ottawa?" Just add this to the "Shawinagate affair," "the Billion Dollar Boondoggle of HRDC", the Billion Dollar boondoggle II: the Gun Registry," and "Adscam" cover-ups. It seems to me Ottawa can be associated with better movie titles than Hollywood has produced recently. That is not a good thing.

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