Saturday, August 15, 2015

Babies love Words

As a new father I've noticed that my daughter has not only grown in size but grown in personality.

It's been over eight months since her birth and watching her grasp new concepts and objects has been fun.  To watch her face light up as she drinks water from her cup or surprises herself at scooching across the floor is priceless.

But what I can't get over is some of her interesting individual nuances especially word sounds.
Early it was words like "zing" or "zoom" that would give her the giggles.  Of course she has gradually out grown these words and no longer smiles at them.  That is unless I surprise her and say them out of no where.

I love every day I find a new word that makes her laugh.  One day I was changing her diaper and was doing up her onesie.  For whatever reason I decided to count the snaps out loud:

"one snap"


"two snaps"


"three snaps"


hmmmm... I thought,

"four snaps?"




"snappy, snaps, snaps"


To this day "snaps" and "thump" are my two favourite go to words when my daughter is showing signs of being upset.  Coupled with a hug and it turns that emerging frown to an ear to ear smile.

I'm not sure what why the words "snaps" and "thumps" are funny.  But sometimes as a parents you don't question it, especially when you can add them to your arsenal to turn an emerging melt down around into something worth smiling about.

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