Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's Tea Time at the Rideau Centre!

A couple of weeks ago I found myself walking through the Rideau Centre on my way to a client's office downtown.

I stopped in for a cup of tea and check out one DavidsTea's (50 Rideau Street, Ottawa) newest stores.

I walked into the store, near the Rideau Centre's Food Court entrance to find three DavidsTea employees behind the counter working on different customer tea concoctions and one employee working on the shelves.  The shelver greeted me with a smile while welcoming me to the store and said if I had any questions feel free to ask! I politely said I was here for a cup of tea and she guided me to the counter where one of her accomplices would serve me.

I waited at the counter for a minute and was greeted by yet another overexcited "I need to restrict my caffeine intake" DavidsTea employee. I placed my order with her for the "Tea of the Day".

The Order: 1 Medium Size "Secret Weapon"

With so much pep, the employee whizzed around behind the counter grabbing a cup, filling it full of hot water and tea, taking cash and my "Frequent Steeper" card.

When visiting DavidsTea I normally go for the "Tea of the Day" special promotion for a couple of reasons. The first is the ability to try different teas and to keep things interesting.  I really don't have a particular preference for teas so each cup is a flavorful surprise and I get to learn which blends I prefer vs those that I do not.    The second is pricing, at $3.00 per cup as opposed to $3.25 I save $0.25 plus applicable taxes.

The tea was a normal regular taste.  Nothing secret really about it, it was plain boring tea with no special flavoring. This was not my favorite.

Overall, DavidsTea continues to be a favourite destination of mine when I look for tea.  With warm and friendly staff at the Rideau Centre location, I'm sure to return in the future when needing,l as the British call it "a hot cuppa".

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