Sunday, September 07, 2014

Everything is Merry at the Merry Dairy

Today my wife and I were fortunate to be invited to the 13th Annual Corn Roast at Balena Park hosted by Ottawa City Councillor Peter Hume. As part of the festivities there was served Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips and pop.  This, of course, had to be followed up by a dessert!

Dessert was supplied by local food truck The Merry Dairy.  At the corn roast the truck is contracted to hand out their traditional fresh vanilla frozen custard with rainbow colour sprinkles only so there was no need to order.

The truck had 2 employees dishing up the cones to waiting families including excited kids. The team of two moved pretty steadily through the line without any noticeable hiccups.

The ice custard was pretty rich quality tasting.  Standard sprinkles were had and the cone was average from any truck.  But the custard is a lot better than the standard soft serve found on most trucks.

Overall, the Merry Dairy has quite a good concept going.  Locatable from the truck's website on a daily basis as it roams the street of the nation's capital and a normally larger menu, the truck is gem to be enjoyed.

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