Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Plain Breakfast in Bramasole

Recently, I found myself at Bramasole Diner (428 Bank Street, Ottawa)  for a business breakfast.  Had never been here before and was interested to see if this old school style diner could serve up some traditional greasy breakfast.

A group of 8 of us sat down for breakfast with only one other table occupied the entire time we were there on a weekday.  Service was outstanding as every time I looked at my coffee cup it was full.  Not sure how the waitress did it without me noticing.

We perused the menus for 15 minutes while waiting for our group to show up. The waitress was kind by holding off on taking our orders as well enjoyed our coffee, chatted and perused the menu.  Eventually most of our group arrived and we order.

The Order: 1 Blueberry pancakes with sausages and bacon with black coffee.

Surprisingly the food game within 15 minutes of ordering even though 8 of us ordered.

The blueberry pancakes were nothing special though.  Not burnt or overcooked, but now wow factor either.  Sure they had blueberries mixed in with the batter while cooking so the pancakes were purple flavoured themselves.  Perhaps a dash of extra blueberries could be added after cooking to improve.

The sausages and bacon were regular sized boring sausages you could find at the store.  Both were cooked adequately but nothing impressive.

Overall, Bramasole Diner provides an average classic diner breakfast experience.  Nothing special food wise that you couldn't make at home, but at least the service was timely and the coffee always refilled. Plain diner food with good service is what I left Bramasole thinking.

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